Advanced PIONEER for Intelligent Systems

A national leading company (established in 2005). It is specialize in developing IT systems and solutions. It has AKA as one of the founders (which is one of the oldest companies in Jeddah founded in 1961).

Its aim is to provide high quality solutions (systems and management) in the fields of command & control centers, road safety regulations and transport as well as in the areas of vehicle repair and maintenance workshops. It is also focuses on the insurance industry and vehicles renting industry.

Strategic lines:

  1. Develop and implement integrated systems in the area of managing command and control centers.
  2. Develop and manage intelligent solutions designed to improve the levels of traffic and transport systems performance and make it one of the most important global references in the region.
  3. Develop and implement integrated systems in the area of vehicle services sector.
  4. Engage in strategic partnerships with organizations, companies and global research centers. This engagement aimed to continue improvement of services and systems and to pursuit of global standards. Then exported it to the neighboring countries and then to other geographical areas.

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