Block Factory

Objective of the project The most important objectives that we have consolidation of joint actions between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Sudan under the agreements of mutual trade exchange between the two countries and through the establishment of factories and companies dealing with coverage of the growing demand in light of economic growth and prosperity of trade and urbanization, which in the Republic of Sudan

Economic climate

Objective of the project The growing population and increasing demand for geographic expansion in the area of population to pay the helm of the country to the expansion and recovery in the physical infrastructure, which led to a steep rise in the demand for primary products , raw materials and industrial necessary for the implementation of construction projects rising by, this is what led us to go to the Republic of Sudan to set up a factory for the black to contribute to the economic recovery and Urban witnessed in the sister Republic.

General vision

General vision Plant will be located on a land area more than five and twenty thousand square meters and be equipped with the latest equipment for the production in accordance with best international standards, at competitive prices and quantities cover .the growing demand for our products and our goal is to get the largest share of the growing demand rates.

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