Industrial City Project for Car Repairs in the United Arab Emirates

Key Projects:

  1. Distribution of residential and industrial areas in the site and connection of these two tasks through the green axis.
  2. Putting into consideration sight identification via motor dome that is close to express way.
  3. Buildup a green spaces around the site for further expansion.

Project Objectives:

  1. Overcome all the negativisms that have harmful effects on the environment and society.
  2. Establish centers for training in the fields of cars manufacturing.
  3. Offer job opportunities reducing the percentage of unemployment.
  4. Offer suitable atmosphere inside and outside of the work frame to improve the quality of services for the benefit of the consumer.
  5. Establish a systematic and technical management system according to the best standard of the vehicles factories in the world.
  6. Help reduce criminal rate by providing the suitable environment for the workers in the area by conducting educational programs during their free periods.
  7. Help reduce the rate of accidents among youths through education and counseling and providing an alternative hobby for them.

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