• Al Amoudi Group

    motto is the success for all , achieve the maximum benefit for all parties

  • AKA for Import and Export

    distribution of car paints in the Middle East

  • Aka Resin Factory

    Production of various types of resins

  • Makkah Car Paint Factory

    Equipped with the most sophisticated and high capacity production machineries

  • Advance Pioneer For Intelligent Systems Company

    Provides Intelligent Systems for the use of the automotive industry specifically in the field of accident management and auto repair

  • Smart Print Company

    Produces colours and laminates with special effects as per the requirements of the market for all types of materials

  • AKA Fro Real Estate Development

    provides a variety of services starting from planning and designing, project management and development

  • Al-Amoudi International Importing and Exporting

    works in the export and re-export of a wide range of materials in the fields of electronic, coatings, chemical

  • AKA Communication

    Telco engineering services in Mobile Networks, Diving and Remote Operating Vehicles, DashBerry for BlackBerry Mobile Solution

  • AL-Amoudi Household And Personal Care Co.

    Founded in 2011, Al-Amoudi Household and Personal Care Co.

  • AKA Chemical Technology

    was established in 2005. Operating through branches in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar

  • AKA Oil and Gas Company

    established in 2011 representing worldwide leaders in off-shore oil and gas

Al Amoudi Group is a company established in 1956AD, its motto is the success for all , achieve the maximum benefit for all parties , providing our services through technical standards and practical experiences that meet the recent managing and technical technology, therefore, Al Amoudi Group is saving to have a technical and vocational specialists who have a long experience which been distinguished among its convoy to the most recent international technology improvement , in order to develop the provided services ,and depend on the expert consultants in the works that have the private features.

Industrial City Project for Car Repairs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Distribution of residential and industrial areas in the site and connection of these two tasks through the green axis. Putting into consideration sight identification via motor dome that is close to express way. Buildup a green spaces around the site for further expansion.

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Block Factory

The most important objectives that we have consolidation of joint actions between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Sudan under the agreements of mutual trade exchange between the two countries and through the establishment of factories and companies dealing with coverage of the growing demand in light of economic growth and prosperity of trade and urbanization, which in the Republic of Sudan

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Polyester Production Factory

It is established to produce all types of saturated and unsaturated polyester resins fulfilling the requirements of the paint industry and other related sectors (adhesive and fiber glass production). The production unit is built in an area of 8,000sq. meters in Makkah industrial area and is associated with major export and import companies having the expertise and knowhow in field of resin production.

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Industrial City Project

for Car Repairs in the United Arab Emirates

Block Factory

between the Saudi and Sudan

Polyester Production Factory

produce all types of saturated and unsaturated

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